The Profitable Yoga Boss Group

The how you've been looking for just found you. 

The Profitable Yoga Boss Group is a high touch six-month business coaching program with a combination of on-demand resources and live weekly coaching.

Yoga Teacher To Yoga Boss. 
Become a CEO and build a profitable six figure business without overworking

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The Profitable Yoga Boss Group 

We use a simple, doable process inside The Profitable Yoga Boss Group. 

Learn the skills, tools and strategies you need to build a thriving business. 

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Many Yoga Teachers and Studio Owners feel...

  • Stuck. You have no clear strategy to shift from making a few hundred dollars a month to multiple six figures. 
  • Inefficient. You are constantly working IN your business, but it doesn't lead to the revenue or impact you really want. 
  • Unnoticed. You know marketing is important but it feels like you are yelling into an empty void. No one is paying attention or taking action. 
  • Disappointed. You are starting to doubt if it is possible for you. 
  • Exhausted. You're thinking maybe yoga was just meant to be a hobby.
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If any of that resonated with you...

You are in the exact right place. 

The Profitable Yoga Boss Group transforms yoga teachers. 

Imagine feeling deeply satisfied in your yoga business..

You know that you truly supported your students and created profit that supports you. 
You feel surprised and delighted with your ability to make money while you work way less. 

Not only that, you are clear, calm and confident.
You know exactly how to reach more students and create a deeper impact than you ever thought possible. 
Your financial success is inevitable. Guaranteed. 

More importantly you feel a sense of deep, lasting peace because you are fulfilling your life's passion and purpose.

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The Profitable Yoga Boss Group 

The Profitable Yoga Boss Group is a high touch six-month business coaching program with a combination of on-demand resources and live weekly coaching.

As soon as you join, you receive access to online member portal. 

You get six-months of business coaching group calls, with daily support inside our private community.

The Profitable Yoga Boss Group transform yoga teachers into CEO's. 

Know clearly exactly who you are meant to serve, and why. 

You'll build an aligned business with an offer that your students want to buy. 

Master organic marketing and speak directly to your students who want to pay you. 

Create ethical sales conversations that convert at a higher rate. 

Increase your impact and your influence naturally. 

Learn to make strategic business decisions quickly and confidently. 

Feel supported by your network during the highs and lows of business growth. 

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What clients are saying...

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Katie Olderman

"In 2021, my first full year in business, I’m making more like $4,000 – 6,000 a month, on average and I am fully booked and have been for months."

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Karina Baldwin

"Rolling 12 months: $29,904 basically 30k!! THIRTY FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!

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 Maya Basik

"Over the last 2 months I've brought in $6k per month, which I never thought would be possible for me, let alone in well under a year!"

The Profitable Yoga Boss Group is the ONLY business coaching program that not only teaches you effective business strategy but also helps you rewire your brain to think like a CEO.  

Yoga Teacher To Yoga Boss. 

We know, due to CBT and Neuroscience, that your thoughts impact ALL of your results in your business. 

When you learn the Yoga Boss mindset you'll rewire your brain to think like a business owner

This is VITAL for building a sustainable, profitable business. 

It is the ONLY business coaching program you'll need to grow your business to $100k, and then beyond. 

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You'll learn how to

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Build A Six Figure Brand To Stand Out. 

You'll create an irresistible, clear offer that sells and retains more of your students. 

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Create an engaged community asking YOU to buy.  

Master Organic Marketing to be able to stand out and attract your ideal students to you. 

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Convert your community to paid students. 

You'll have ethical sales conversations so that you convert more of your audience to paid students. 

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Overcome doubt and make strategic business decisions

Learn to think like a true business owner to create greater profit in less time. 

The Profitable Yoga Boss Process

The Profitable Yoga Boss Group will help you find your own GENIUS within.

This is the only business coaching program you need to grow your business to $100k and beyond. 

You learn how to create new paying students consistently. 
You'll know how to make money on demand. 

Then you do it faster and faster. 

You'll make your first $1,000. Then $5k, $10k, $50k & $100k. 

The process never changes. 
You transform. 
You become a Yoga Boss. 

What You'll Learn:

Module 1: Build An Aligned Brand

Create an irresistible offer for a specific student that you are confident you can serve.
This will drastically increase your sales, and make standing out in the industry easy. 
This isn't about repeating the broken processes of our industry's past, or doing things the way someone else tells you to..
This is about building a business that helps your student achieve results, and want to continue paying you.  

Module 2: Master Organic Marketing

You'll get my Organic Marketing Formula to learn how to attracts students to your business consistently. 
When you use my proven marketing formula you will grow and engaged community that is asking you if they can buy your offer. 

Module 3: Learn Ethical Sales

You get my Neuro-mediative Sales Process. This proven sales process increases your conversion rates, and eases your fears around selling. We use skills taught in meditation and neuroscience to help our students make bold decisions. 

Module 4: Yoga Teacher To Yoga Boss

You'll get the tools you need to rewire your brain to think like a CEO. Making decisions, and showing up consistently in your business will become simple. You'll never have to worry about not having enough time again. CEO's know how to prioritize profit and work less. 

What You Get: 

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Live Weekly Coaching

Each week for six months you'll get on a LIVE coaching call with the group. You can get coaching on any frustration, block, or question you specifically have in your business. You'll also benefit watching your peers get coached on the exact same struggles you are experiencing. All coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to the Member Portal. 

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A private and exclusive community on Facebook. Ask questions, get coaching, collaborate and celebrate 24/7. The community is the safest, most loving place on the internet. Your peers, and your coaches will be there to help you, support, offer feedback and celebrate all your wins. Everyday you'll have a group of people working along side you to build their businesses too, the best accountability you could ever get. 

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The Profitable Yoga Boss Workbook 

You get a hard copy of The Profitable Yoga Boss Group Workbook. This workbook is designed to keep you on track and prioritizing the top action items that make you money in your business. There is space for daily self coaching, and coaching reflections from every group call. 

When you commit to using this workbook everyday for 180 days, results in your business are inevitable. 

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Member Portal + Bonus Trainings 

You have access immediately upon payment to the Member Portal. The Member Portal has every single live coaching call replay plus 30+ video modules training you on marketing, selling and thinking like a CEO. 

It also includes bonus trainings such as Purposeful Profit, Business Goal Setting, How To Build A Six Figure Brand etc. 

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The investment for The Profitable Yoga Boss Group is $5000 paid in full or $1000/mth for 6 months.


Now, you might be nervous about a $5k investment. And that is completely normal.
This is a decisive moment. A $100,000 one.

For the right person, this investment will continue to pay you back for the rest of your life.
You pay $5k, and you make $100k. That may take you 6 months, a year, or two.

But once you make $100k, you know how to make it for life. 
And $100k sets you up for $500k, a million, and beyond. 

You will get everything you need, no matter where your business currently is, to do just that, in the first 2 weeks of the group. 
You'll have immediate access to the entire Member Portal, including all previous coaching calls, workshops, trainings and bonuses. Everything.

Even if you don't have your niche or pricing figured out, yet.

Even if you don't know exactly how you're going to replace your corporate income, yet.
Even if you don't have a website created, yet.
Even if you haven't had any paying students, yet.

If you want to learn how to serve more students, make more money and spend less time working more in your yoga business, it's time to start right now.

Start now. 
There will never be a perfect time. 
You don't need everything to be set up perfectly, that doesn't exist. 
Get started where you're at right now. I'll show you how.

Your students are waiting for you to help them, and they WANT to buy now. Don't make them wait. 


Pricing Options

Paid In Full

$5000 Once

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Payment Plan

$1000/mth for 6 months

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The ROI: 

Commit to the process.
Apply the simple steps.
Go at your own pace. 

You will know how to make money in your yoga business, for life. 

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Hi, I'm Jackie Murphy...

At 22, I left my 9-5 job to follow my passion for teaching yoga

and I made all the mistakes. I jumped into the deep end...

In my first year teaching yoga, I made $15,000 and drove 40,000 miles.

I was burnout and broke.

Everything I am going to teach you in The Profitable Yoga Boss Group, I learned the hard way.

BUT I figured it out.
I became an entrepreneur.
I became someone who never gave up.
I got resourceful.
I learned from every single result I created (or didn't create).

I learned how to focus on the numbers without ANY of the drama.

Most importantly I learned that you are only in business when you have paying students, period.


The Profitable Yoga Boss Group is PERFECT for you if...

If you are a yoga teacher or studio owner who is growing a service-based business in alignment with their values. 

You are ready to stop operating as an employee and become an effective, efficient business owner. A Yoga Boss. 

You are 100% committed to making your business. 

You are serious about making your first dollars in your business. 
Or you are beyond 100k, and ready to scale your business without burning out. 

You want to know exactly what to sell and how to price it at every stage in business. 

You know you are meant for more, and know it's time to fulfill your purpose. 

You are ready to stop letting fear, doubt, and imposter syndrome hold you back.

You are ready to stop hustling and make money with ease. 

You want to feel confident selling your services. 

You are eager for a strategic, simple marketing plan that attracts students to you. 

You want to master time management and make money in less time. 

The Profitable Yoga Boss Group creates leaders. You are ready to be an industry leader.  

This is the ONLY room for Yoga teachers and studio owners who are ready to step up into the role of CEO in their business and have a freakin blast.

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The Time Is NOW. 

Don't let another 6 months go by before you create the revenue you want, with your dream students. 
If you have made it this far...I know you feel a profitable yoga business is meant for you.
While it may seem out of reach, or even impossible right now, I know exactly how to take you there. 
You've spent too much time waiting. 
This is your moment to say YES and trust that you are meant for more.  

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What clients are saying...

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Ally Vallieres

"In the first month of the group, I had one of my highest grossing revenue months since I purchased my studio two years ago. 

I've also seen our attendance rates increase by 20-25% each month - despite limitations created by COVID-19 and being in the midst of our "slow" summer season. I made my investment back in the first month of the program and I'm so excited for what's ahead."

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Megan Wing

"Jackie took that girl from not even believing that I could have a business, who was terrified to post on social media to a person that replaced her teaching salary within 10 months and was able to leave teaching. I have now worked with over 40 people, made over fifty grand in my business, and this is just the beginning! There is no way I would have been able to do ANY of this without her!"

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Maria Loida

"Jackie doesn’t just tell you to do one thing or another thing, she specifically offers her method and WHY she does each thing, and how it’s connected to your mindset (i.e. pricing, offer, or niche theory) so that you spend more time taking potent action as a CEO rather than sitting in doubt, confusion or emotional swirl." 

Maria has a 100% conversion rate and hit her first $10k month in October 2021. Plus she welcomes a baby girl in 2022. 

Join The Profitable Yoga Boss Group Now 

It's a HELL YES for me

Want to hear more client testimonials? 

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Transformation starts right now.

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